Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tulip Tuesday

I have always loved brightly colored flowers, particularly the tulip. A couple of weeks ago when I was driving around Wellesley, I saw a house with two big ruby red beds of tulips. I was compelled to stop and snap a photo. This was only the beginning of my tulip adventures.

Since then, I have been seeing brightly colored tulips popping all over the place, causing a few almost near car accidents as I swerve around trying to get optimal viewing... kidding, sort of. I guess it IS true that April showers bring May flowers after all! I have become mesmerized by these flowers! They are able to make such a bold statement while maintaining a delicate nature simultaneously. This flower stands tall with their long green stems, setting themselves apart from other plants in a garden. Today I decided that I was going to start recording all the beautiful tulips I see all over, inspiring Tulip Tuesday. There is a potential this may become a weekly segment, depending on how often I get out on the town now that I've started working a full time internship; finding these tulips can take some extreme hunting. For certain look forward to more blogs on flowers! 

Do you pass a patch of uncanning flowers daily? Send them in to and you may be featured in a future blog post!

Here are some pictures from today's adventures that I snapped on my iPhone camera. Not bad quality for a phone camera! All pictures featured below are from Marblehead, MA.

Humphrey Street

Humphrey Street

Countryside Lane
Marblehead Community Center

A few stragglers near Grace Oliver Beach

 My favorite pictures from today I took in Peach's Point, Marblehead. 

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