Sunday, May 1, 2011

Surprise at Treats!

SURPRISE!? No one has ever been able to pull off a surprise party for me ever... I guess you could say I am slightly... what's the word I'm looking for, investigative? On my birthday my boyfriend put together a cupcake party for me and my friends at Treat Cupcake Bar in Needham. I had always planned on going to the make your own cupcake shop, but never took the drive over so this was a first time for me.

Treat is a cupcake store that has the innovative idea of letting the customers create their own cupcakes. Although I did not go through the typical experience, from what I observed this is the process. When you arrive after you pick your cake flavor, you select a frosting, that they then add toppings of your choice rolled into the frosting and garnished on top. This is such a great idea because how can a customer go unhappy! The cupcakes are personalized to the client. Talk about customer intimacy. I apologize for all the buzz words, this is what studying for business classes does to me.

This may be the normal routine for a Treats customer, but the experience is slightly different with a birthday party. We got the opportunity to learn about and experiment with fondants, not my favorite but it was fun to play with. There was a large selection of brightly colored frostings  as well as toppings to choose from. In the end, all 10 of us got to walk away with six of our own cupcakes. Here are my creations!

 If you are in the area and haven't been to Treat yet, get in the car and go, go, go!
1450 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA

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