Monday, March 28, 2011

Twist & Shout, Kate Spade!

My monday is already more cheery after shopping around the newly designed Kate Spade website. They have really embraced spring and summer colors and styles to get me excited, as if I needed another distraction... I wanted to talk about three memorable items I cannot stop thinking about!

I'll save the best for last to keep all of you reading ...

First, the Double Bow Hinged Bangle. If you haven't already figured out, I have a minor obsession with all things having a bow. This Kate Spade jewelry piece has an accompanying ring as well as earring set if you are interested. I love how simplistic this item is with the ability to uphold class. The perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Available in yellow, red, black and pink. Pictured below is the double bow ring.
Stud Earrings 48.00 USD
Ring $65.00 USD
Bangle $78.00 USD

The items get more exciting as the post continues... Next is the Hula Too, a sandal with hot pink straps, ankle closer, and a crystal pineapple on the face of the foot. If the hot pink straps don't catch attention, the large crystal pineapple will surely do the trick!
 I love the fact that Kate Spade is incorporating pineapples into her Summer 2011 line, it's so refreshing! Pineapples are not an overused icon which makes her line so unique. She even has a pineapple coin purse with layered gold disks! (View Pineapple Coin Purse Here) .

And finally, my new MUST HAVE handbag for Summer 2011, the Gold Coast Bright Evageline. I originally stumbled upon the Gold Coast Robin a few weeks ago and was fascinated by the new "ksny" closure. When I twisted it, I just wanted to shout! This closure is a diamond when locked, and to open you just twist it to match the square hardware. I become entranced by this small bag, and saw it again this past weekend. I loved the closure, the versatility, the soft cowhide and the bright pop of color, but couldn't justify spending a lot on such a small bag I would only use to go out at night. This is when I discovered the Evageline.

The larger size bag in the Gold Coast series. The handbag is big enough to fit all of your purse essentials, but still lightweight to not weigh you down in the summer when you are on the go or too hot to carry a larger hobo bag. When the chain handles are doubled it can fit perfectly right under the arm, but also has the ability to be one strap and sit lower on the waist.

The Evageline comes in a variety of colors. The shimmer series is available in ballerina pink, cream and cashew. The bright series is currently only available in neon pink while the original has ash and black. Although the neon pink certainly adds a touch of color to any outfit, the cream in the shimmer series is my favorite. This bag normally retails for $395.00 USD

But ... are you ready for the steal of the day? The metallic series is currently ON SALE for ONLY $177.00 USD, thats over 50% off!! What a find is that? Just because it's last seasons color! Buy it now while it's still on sale!

Hopefully I have brightened your Monday and fueled the shopaholics out there to check out Kate Spades new collection! You won't be sorry with any of these purchases! Happy Monday everyone! xoxo

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kappa Kappa Gryffindor

Greek Week at Babson College has officially begun! The theme this year is Harry Potter! Here we are showing off our newly painted letters at today's quidditch match. Kappa Kappa Gryffindor came in second place. I love my Zeta Alphas !!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Barely Barefoot

 It's no surprise to most fashionistas that nude heels are the essential item for spring and summer 2011. What's so great about this picture from last summer, look at all of our fabulous nude shoes in all shapes and styles! Whether you prefer pump, slingback, wedge or around the ankle... if you don't have a pair of nude heels, or are just looking to expand you collection, let me suggest the perfect pair for you! Not only do nude heels elongate your legs, but they go with any sundress or skirt in your wardrobe. Stop wearing those black heels all summer long and get yourself a pair of nude heels! Fortunately, "nude" heels come in a spectrum of colors; the darker nude is usually called "camel", the basic you see most of the time is simply "nude" but there is also a lighter pinker shade called "blush". In addition to these nude shades, you can also stick with other neutrals such as a light brown or ivory.

To achieve this sizzling, slimming, barefoot look, here are my favorite, and affordable must have picks.

Aldo "Osmonda" $90.00 USD

I am completely obsessed with this style of shoe, nevertheless in this fabulous nude color! I love the bandage, wrapped look over the face of the shoe. My favorite is this style coupled with a wedge, so comfortable and stylish.

Steve Madden "Bevv" Pump $89.99 USD
Steve Madden is the perfect example of different shades of nude shoes. This is the perfect pump for a night out on the town, whether you are looking to get some height with its 5.75" heel, or just looking to tone your legs, these are a show stopper!

Steve Madden "Glisten" Sandal $79.95 USD
Pictured above I am wearing the 2010 Steve Madden slingback nude patent wedge with flower detailing. I am absolutely in love with this shoe. I have received so many compliments and it adds detailing to a simple outfit. Here is the 2011 Steve Madden wedge, with ankle buckle and a patent  knot detailing around the toe. I would highly suggest getting a slingback or ankle buckle with a pair of wedges. They secure the shoe to your foot and make walking so much easier. These wedges are the perfect alternative for a garden or porch party, where pumps can easily sink into the grass, catch tile cracks or cobblestones (many experiences tripping in pumps) or get caught between porch floor boards. Wedges, the way to go!

DV Dolce Vita "Pali" Sandals $89.99
Strappy sandals are an easy, casual way to look cute in the summer. They are perfect for a day to night outfit. Wearing them for a shopping spree down Newbury Street, or meeting your friends in the city for dinner, these neutral heels compliment any outfit.

DV Dolce Vita "Briar" Pump $89.95

Of course I would love these dainty pumps with bow detailing on the heel of the shoe. These shoes are crucial for any girly, preppy, diva looking to jazz up a simple sundress. Are you tall like me and don't always like being the amazon of the group? Dolce Vita also has a twist on these amazing shoes and makes a similar nude flat also with bow detailing.

DV Dolce Vita "Dakota" Sandal $59.99 USD

When you are already tall, it is not always necessary to wear heels to a party. Keeping in the trend of nude shoes, these classy flats would still be appropriate for a summer party. While you could wear these with a sundress, they would also work on a day to day basis with a cute pair of pastel shorts, tank top, and pearl earrings.

Hopefully I have turned you on to what I am calling the "Barely Barefoot", warm weathered trend of nude colored shoes, if not to help expand your collection! Do you have a pair of nude shoes you are obsessed with? Leave a comment and tell me where to find them!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Emily Giffin started writing the Something Borrowed series in 2001. That was almost 10 years ago... so how is her series still flourishing with popularity? So far there are 5 books in the series, but she is still continuing to write.

This past weekend when I was flying home from New York, I decided to purchase the first book of the series. I had heard of these books before, seen some of my friends read them, but never invested the time to see what they were all about. I have always been a fan of the young adult "fluff" books that are interesting but have no real substance. Approaching my 20th birthday, I decided it was time to advance past the high school and college drama, and start reading about people with real lives. Skimming the back cover, I knew that I would fall in love with the series. I have yet to actually start the first book, but I can't wait to make time to start reading. Although for some of you these books may be old news and you are already anxiously awaiting the release of the next book, I need to catch up first. I had forgot how much I adore book stores, just browsing around and feeling a book in your hand. I love everything about the Ipad, but bookstores can never ben replaced. Although I technically cannot praise these books quite yet, I am telling you to get on this ban wagon before it's too late! I love reading a book that is a part of a series, I feel there is always something more interesting to look forward to. However, the series is building and some people feel it takes too much work to catch up. Learn more about the books here on Emily Giffin's Website. In the first novel the story surrounds 2 best friends, Rachel & Darcy. Darcy has always been the flashy, attention grabbing friend that gets everything she wants in life, until ... Rachel turns 30 and ends up in sleeping with Darcy's soon to be husband ... Rachel struggles with what to do, but I am going to read to find out what happens!

The next part to this blog post may take a turn for the worse depending on what kind of person you are. I for one absolutely hate when I get in to a book series and they turn it in to a film or TV show. I mean really, are there really not enough ideas for movies that almost every top seller book these days gets produced in to a movie. Unfortunately I couldn't resist watching the trailer before I started the book so I hope that while I am reading I can still create my own characters and not be thinking of Kate Hudson... whether or not I think she's fabulous. I have a feeling I am going to want to see this movie, and probably like it... I just hope it doesn't take away from reading the series! Want to check out the trailer? 

Have you read the books, tell me what you like best about the series? Who is excited for the Something Borrowed movie to come out this year?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sun & Sand

I just wanted to update my followers with a few pictures from the DR! I don't want to clog up my blog with all 184 photos ... haha ! The trip was very fun, there were 6 of us and we stayed in Cabarete, known for it's windy beaches and kite sailing. Caberete is on the North East side of the Dominican near Puerto Plata (5 hours from the popular traveled location of Punta Cana). As you can see in one of the pictures, there are always 100s of kites flying on the beach, but also over the ocean! I can't wait to do a blog this week on a new book series I am starting by Emily Giffin... stay tuned followers, I am back in obsessive blogging mode !

Gardens at the Viva Wydham Tangerine

Main Pool

Sun Bathing at the Relaxation Pool

Always sporting my Lilly, even in the DR!

Kites are always flying on the beach!

View from the room

Taking a beach side stroll back from Cabarete

Posing before dinner at La Vela

Last night in the Dominican, drastic change in skin color!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Hello there blogger world! I am so sorry I have been on hiatus for the past week or so... It has been midterms week for my Organizing for Effective Management stream! I promise to kick things back up when I return... I have been brewing several blog ideas that I am very excited to write about... to give you a sneak preview get excited for... Sprinkles Boston, new nail salon in Wellesley review, and of from my trip!!

Hang in there cold-weather followers... in the meantime, I'll be soaking up the sun & sand in the Dominican Republic!