Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sailing into Summer

Sailing into Summer
Today's post is in honor of my first day of work yesterday with the yacht charter company I will be interning for as an event planning and marking associate. I had an amazing time at work and I am so excited for what the summer will bring. To add to my excitement, when I got home, the Summer 2011 Lilly Pulitzer catalogue was on the kitchen table! I feel like I was just looking at the spring patterns and they are already out with summer prints. How can a fashionista, or her bank account, possibly keep up!?

 Considering the great day I had at work, my mind was on the ocean. The summer collection very much revolves around beach life with anchors, sailboats, shells, seagulls and the like. I absolutely love the whimsical pattern of Sail Away; it reminds me of Dr. Seuss in some ways. I wanted to make the Patty Dress an impulse purchase when I realized they won't be in stock until the end of May. Why do girls always want what they can't have?

Lilly Pulitzer Sail Away 
I always say that accessories can make or break the outfit. A couple weeks ago, I saw one of my friends wearing lemony yellow TOM wedges. She had told me they are still in great condition after many years and lots of use, and are actually one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes she owns. This was music to my ears. Although I love a good heel, I rarely find a pair my feet actually thank me for wearing. Additionally, the wedge heel is a reasonable height and  much more practical for daily wear. I have been considering the possibility of buying a pair of these wedges from all of the great reviews, but haven't been able to decide on a color. Ultimately the black is the best multi-seasonal color, but the lemon and red are hard to resist. Although the sunny yellow gives the Lilly dress a calm and flirty look, the print would also look great with this bold pop of red, creating a more traditional preppy look.
Today is a beautiful day and perfect for this post! The other items featured in my above collection are featured below. How cute is the Marc Jacobs coin purse? The perfect nautical touch! I love the Polyvore website that makes putting together these collections so easy!

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