Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here's To The Nights

Thanks to the 4 day weekend (3 day for most people, thank you Babson!), three of my best friends from home visited this weekend for President's Gala on Friday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm glee for gLee

gLee. You have all heard about it whether you watch it or not. I watched the first few episodes before it became a national obsession, stopped, and now I'm back on the ban wagon again. What roped me in? Kurt and Blaine in their blue and red blazers. Well now that I have some more conversation topics with other Glee lovers to bond over, I feel I should comment on the new Glee OPI collection. My initial thinking, companies will do anything to make profit. They are taking advantage of the strong Glee following to try to convince them to buy any products that accompany the TV show. Although this is obviously how society operates nowadays and I do think this collection is awesome, some things are totally taken out of hand. What is next, everything we own will have some kind of franchise linked to it. But on with the reason for this blog post... the SEPHORA BY OPI  GLEE COLLECTION.

 Each color corresponds to a different actor/actress. Starting at the top left going clockwise the colors are: Miss Bossy Pants, Diva-In-Training, Slushied, Mash Up, Hell to the No, Who Let the Dorks Out?, and Gleek Out (my favorite Diva Kurt). Other colors not featured are Celibacy Club, Sue vs. Shue and Express Yourself to Yourself.

Only Available at Sephora, pictured above

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At Home with Lilly

Surprise Surprise, another blog on Lilly. I know I promised to try to blog on other topics, but I can't help but be head over heels-obsessively addicted to their new furniture line. Although the collection does not debut until later in 2011, I was able to find some sneak previews from their showroom. Lilly and Garnett Hill have previously worked together to expand Lilly's empire to bedding, but continues to grow into furniture. If I had to say, Lilly is creeping up to Ralph Lauren empire status and not leaving a corner unturned, both powered by the avid following. I have featured some of my favorite pieces that I cannot get enough of. I want to buy a house just to fill it with all of this furniture!! That seems a little unreasonable though, so maybe I'll settle for any kind of upgrade from my  9x11 dorm room in the time being.
Dining Room Chair, Mirror

 Chair, Couch, Ottoman

 Perfect addition to any living room.

 How could these chairs NOT make you feel at home?

 Beautiful Canopy Bed

Elephant Table

Well, that's enough of a distraction for now. Off to study for Technology Operations Management midterm for tonight, how riveting ! 

Monday, February 14, 2011



What did you wear tonight with your Valentine? Write in and tell me!!

If I wasn't taking a midterm these are certainly some of the sizzling wardrobe choices I would have selected for a night on the town!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Day of Great Reviews

Yesterday I decided to take a little break from studying for my OEM stream midterms (not really sure what OEM stands for but its Organizational Behavior, Managerial Accounting and Technology Operations Management). I have many great reviews of places I went that I wanted to share. 

1.  Christine's Day Spa & Electrolysis

I went to Christine's for the first time yesterday for a massage and had a great experience. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I have had many massages but this was definitely the best. She worked out the knots in my shoulders with great ease. The spa is very clean and also has a hair salon located inside. I would definitely recommend this location if you are looking for a great massage with reasonable pricing. You can find Christine's next to Pink Domino in Newton Center at 1280 Centre Street, Newton.

2. Kim's Nails & Skin Care

Although just about every Babson girl I know has been to Kim's nails in Newton, I have yet to experience this until yesterday. For Kappa's semi formal in the fall, I tried to go to Kim's, but ended up in Wellesley at a different "Kim's" salon. Note for the wise: NEVER go there: it is one small, dirty, cramped room and they do not have nail dryers. Moving on... in attempt to get to Kim's Newton (only 3 minutes from Newton Center) I ended up driving around for 65 minutes (no exaggeration) because of google maps. Although google had recognized I wanted to go to Lincoln Street, it continually took me to Lincoln Road on the other side of town. Can you say stressful disaster? Nevertheless, I eventually made it there and was very happy with the condition of the nail salon. It is one very large room with many nail stations and 10 plush pedicure chairs. The service wasn't exactly attentive, she would leave doing my nails to go clean something in the store, as well as haggled me 3 times to ask if I would additionally like a pedicure. However, this is the first I have heard of service being poor so I would definitely like to try going there again, minus what I see as being slightly overpriced. A shellac manicure is more than a pedicure ... $30 for shellac whereas in Marblehead is only $22... that's saying a lot. Overall, I am very happy with my nail color choice, iced cappuccino shellac. I would take a photo but apparently my brand new camera is broken again with the same problem as the last one.  It comes out a very pretty metallic champagne color.

3. Pairings Restaurant, Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Last night my amazing valentine took me to Pairings, located inside the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. When we arrived I was wondering why the restaurant looked so familiar. Pairings is Todd English's new restaurant, which was previously Bonfire. Todd English has so many incredible restaurants, including some of my favorites Figs (Beacon Hill and Nantucket) and Summer House (Siasconset, Nantucket). 

The restaurant is not only beautiful with the large columns and window side seating, but the staff is beyond incredible. From the beginning the hostess and waiter were very welcoming and attentive. Having a nut allergy, I have to be extremely careful when I go out to dinner. At Pairings, three different people came over to the table to assure me that the allergy was noted and the Chef was aware of it. This kind of extra attention is detail is crucial in customer service. As opposed to in North Conway when dining this winter, I was told it was "my own prerogative" if I wanted to eat their food that may contain nuts (what exactly was this waiter thinking?). I felt so comfortable at Pairings and would absolutely recommend dining here for any occasion. 
For special occasions, Pairings also offers a fabulous private dining area that has a very unique atmosphere. I know someone who had a birthday party in this room when the restaurant was still Bonfire and everyone had a great time. I am definitely putting this room on my list of future places to hold a birthday party.

Although my food was absolutely fantastic, I got the the Honey-Lemon Chicken and Greg got the Filet Mignon, the only downfall I would say for Pairings is they don't have a wide spread of options I enjoy on the menu. Overall 4.75 stars !!

Friday, February 11, 2011

SSDH (Same Shit Different...Housewives)

The Real Housewives" on Bravo TV started strong with the first season in Orange Country (now in its 6th season), and continued on good footing with New York, but slowly is heading into the boring department. Given Beverly Hills was a fantastic season and I'll watch New Jersey for the mafioso factor, but Atlanta and DC were absolutely awful. What sparks this somewhat random blog post you may ask, the delay of New York being aired due to new season, Miami. When I heard there might be a new season, I was excited... but MIAMI ... really Bravo? Although I always love to see the plush real estate, the previews appear to be same old housewives bullS#!T. Real Housewives has now even decided to expand to Europe, they just finished filming "Athens" and are currently casting for Sanbanks (ritzy penisula in UK) and Israel.

Here are the seasons I am most looking forward to and why...

1. The Real Housewives of Dallas
Reason: Everything is bigger in Texas
Cast: Southern Belles & Cowboys
Drama: Ex Miss America's struggle with no pageants to preform in, Daddy's oil refinery has a leak
Real Estate: Castles, Ranches

2. The Real Housewives of Boston
Reason: The northeast needs some love too. Plus, city on the water allows for many yachting activities.
Cast: Harvard Alums, & Argyle Wearing Preppies
Drama: Who works harder and has the best educated children
Real Estate: Brownstones, Apartments, 2nd house in the suburbs, vacation homes on cape/islands

 3. The Real Housewives of  Greenwich
Reason: Old Money is a different lifestyle than New Money
Cast: Wealthy Blueblood descendants of the nation's most important people in history
Drama: All of the women attend a polo match where secrets are revealed
Real Estate: Old Colonial McMansions

Come on Bravo, spice it up and make things interesting instead of new locations with same old plot. Try something new for once! The difference between my suggestions and current Bravo is that almost everyone on the shows has new money. I want to see an old money show down. A battle of who was here first and the social hierarchy. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Playful Panda

Life is too short to not do what you want with it.
These are the days worth living.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pink! Pink! Pink!

I absolutely adore Valentine's Day! It's only my favorite holiday besides my birthday of course, but that's really a month long celebration anyway. For as long as I can remember I have always made Valentine's to give to friends and decorated for the occasion. I even went to the extent to write a story when I was 7 years old about how I was getting married in a red velvet gown on Valentine's Day... not quite the same fantasy 13 years later but you get the point. Something about this holiday is just so fun, everything is so cute! Here are some especially fun pink items that are getting me in the mood right now and hopefully they will do the same to you too! Stay tuned for more Valentine's Day posts counting down the days. Look out for a post of best outfits for a Valentine's Day dinner and Best ways to spend Valentine's Day. Unfortunately for me I am taking an Organizational Behavior Exam from 6:30-8:30 PM on Monday, BOO who would ever schedule that?! My poor valentine... :(


I bet Martha is throwing a fantastic Valentine's Day Soiree, who wouldn't want to be at that party? I just want to be like Martha, minus the whole insider trading issue...