Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretty Girls, Dirty Secrets

Just when I thought  I could spend my summer reading books and not religiously attached to my DVR, I remembered my "summer shows" are back in action, *sigh*. Obviously I am secretly excited, but its just another addiction added on to the plate. Some may think I'm crazy "Ew she's totally obsessed with television"-- that's actually not the case at all. I just have a large love for a small amount of shows. Keeping up with the Kardashians came back last night, I'm very curious to find out how this Kris Humphries thing happened any way.. seems pretty random to me? In other news... when is Royal Pains returning, that's also a summer favorite. What you may ask, am I POSSIBLY doing with myself for 5 months suffering from Chuck Bass - Blair Waldorff scheming-love affair withdrawal ... I am happily eager to pass the time away watching PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.
When this series was prepping to premiere last summer on ABC family, I figured it was just another  bad sitcom that I probably would end up watching just because. I can honestly say that this show is phenomenal and achieves CW prime-time status.. Four pretty teenage girls with their own UNIQUE drama, coupled with their own mystery Gossip Girl type character "A" makes for a compelling hour of action packed TV. 

If you haven't given Pretty Little Liars a chance I suggest you start this summer! There is a season 1 marathon all day tomorrow, Tuesday June 14th before the premiere at 8:00 PM (EST). For those of you who don't have the time to catch up but want to dive right in, or in case you need a quick refresher, see below for the last episode summary I sniped off the official website. 

Whose your favorite character? Are you having a premiere party with your girlfriends?! I'll being watching tomorrow with my very own Spencer, Emily & Hanna (I'm Aria of course, I love Lucy Hale!)
Is anyone else obsessed with this advertisement?! I guess I truly am a marketing girl .

In the spring finale, the girls come together to finally uncover Alison’s killer and the identity of “A” – but things don’t go according to plan…putting all of their plans – and lives – in jeopardy.
The Little Liars confront Jenna about the incriminating video they found of her and Toby. When Jenna tells her story, she wonders what the girls are going to do with the video. They assure her they’ll keep it safe – but she won’t be getting it. Obviously upset, Jenna makes a secret phone call to IAN! He assures her he’ll take care of the situation. And another Jenna bombshell is revealed when we see her kissing Garrett the cop!
Meanwhile, Emily’s mom wants them to move out of Rosewood. Lucas is suspicious of Mona and what she had to do with Caleb leaving town. And later we see Lucas and Caleb in a car together! Plus, Aria gets some news that makes her very happy: because of a new teaching gig, Ezra quits Rosewood High School. Unfortunately, she isn’t as happy when she finds out he’ll be working with his former ex Jackie. What do you think this means for Ezra and Aria?
Sadly, Melissa and Spencer are in a car accident. Spencer is okay, but Melissa gets injured. While Spencer is busy with the aftermath of the accident, Hanna, Emily and Aria work on trapping Ian. They send him a text letting him know about the videos they acquired and wait for him to incriminate himself. But he never shows! Instead, he corners Spencer at the church – and it’s not a good situation at all. When Hanna, Emily and Aria get Spencer on the phone, they are able to hear her entire fight with Ian at the church. Knowing how much danger she’s in, they rush to save her. But someone gets there before them. A mysterious figure manages to save Spencer – while Ian falls and appears to be gravely injured.
Unfortunately, after the police arrive, Ian’s body is nowhere to be found. And Rosewood is left to wonder just how much truth our Pretty Little Liars have been telling.
Meanwhile, “A” assures the girls that this is far from over…

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